The Victim Support Hub

The first Platform covering all victims’ issues,

no matter what the crime, no matter who the victim is.

For over 30 years, Victim Support Europe is Europe’s leading organisation on victim’s rights, needs and services.


The Academy is founded upon VSE’s 30 years of action, as well as the expertise and experience of their 60+ member organisations globally working with victims and promoting their rights and services. The Academy will also collaborate with universities, judiciary, law enforcement agencies, governmental bodies and public institutions – amongst many other actors – to create holistic, evidence-based and victim-centred training courses and material.

The Academy will offer varied learning opportunities, including nationwide, European and global events, eLearning, themed learning groups and regular webinar discussions addressing issues regarding victims’ needs and victims’ rights.

The discussion forum facilitates your work by providing access to a global community of experts at your fingertips. This fundamentally changes the way you approach consultations in light of your work. Through discussions, you are also invited to impact on advocacy and policy work of Victim Support Europe and its members towards European and International organisations by exchanging information and experiences related to the rights and needs of all victims of all crimes.

Allowing members to organise themselves into public, private or hidden groups for the purposes of shared interests or closer cooperation. In these groups, you can share resources, set up meetings and otherwise engage with group members.

Blog posts reflect on new developments, ongoing activities and recent publications across the globe related to the rights and needs of victims of all crimes. Allowing members to find new recent developments on their topics of interest; as well as sharing their own recent studies, discoveries and insights on the topic of victim support.

In this online journal, you are encouraged to share your personal perspectives, talk about your professional daily life and your experiences and solutions to daily issues in your strive to advance the rights of victims.

Please note that access to the Victim Support Hub will initially be restricted to VSE members only. The membership will be gradually extended to friends of VSE and experts taking part in VSE working groups over the course of 2021. At a later stage, the Hub will be open for registration to anyone interested in advancing the rights of victims of all crimes.

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