About VSH

About Victim Support Europe

Victim Support Europe (VSE) is the leading European umbrella organisation advocating on behalf of all victims of crime, no matter what the crime, no matter who the victim is. VSE represents over 60 member organisations, providing support and information to more than 2 million people affected by crime every year in 30 countries.

Founded in 1990, VSE has been working for 30 years for a Europe, and a world, where all victims have strong victims’ rights and services, whether they report the crime or not. We work towards this missing through advocacy to improve European and International laws, through research and knowledge development and through capacity building at the national and local level.

About Victim Support Hub

The VSE Hub gives VSE members, victim support organisations, civil society, individual experts and other entities working in the field the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience on the rights and needs of victims. In doing so, it aims to connect stakeholders and facilitate virtual discussions and networking across borders.

Fundamentally, the Hub is an important and exciting opportunity to truly develop a community of individuals and organisations committed to helping victims of all crimes through laws, policy, co-operation, knowledge and capacity building. We are at the start of the journey to build this community. By taking part in this journey, you will contribute to the future of knowledge exchange and learning.

Access to the Hub will initially be restricted to VSE members only. The membership will be gradually extended to friends of VSE and experts taking part in VSE working groups over the course of 2021. At a later stage, the Hub will be open for registration to anyone interested in advancing the rights of victims of all crimes.

About the Training Academy

As an integral part of its Hub, VSE proudly presents its Training Academy. Established in 2021, the Academy offers training resources on all matters related to victims of crime. The Academy’s mission is to share knowledge, skills and practice, as well as providing excellence in delivery of victim support services.

VSE is Europe’s leading organisation on victims’ right, needs and services. The Academy is founded upon VSE’s 30 years of action, as well as the expertise and experience of their 50+ member organisations globally working with victims and promoting their rights and services. The Academy also collaborates with universities, judiciary, law enforcement agencies, governmental bodies and public institutions – amongst many other actors – to create holistic, evidence-based and victim-centred training courses and material.

The Academy will offer varied learning opportunities, including nationwide, European and global events, eLearning, themed learning groups and regular webinar discussions addressing issues regarding victims’ needs and victims’ rights.

The cost of training courses will vary depending on either the course, the trainee’s context, or both. Some courses will be provided free of charge. Paid courses will be offered at competitive prices and will be designed to take into consideration the user’s learning needs and environment. Access will be granted to external trainers for the purpose of online trainings.

We are at the start of developing this new community training model. We wish to invite you to join our journey building this training academy together.